The EPS Portal offers 24/7 real-time remote monitoring and control of our industry leading EPS control panel. The portal takes the guess work and uncertainty off the table during the next wildfire in your area. Our web interface allows property owners to monitor and control their exterior fire suppression system from any smart device and get real-time alerts sent by text, email, or phone call. Cutting-edge technology is utilized to create wildfire zone borders to determine the closest distance to your EPS control panel. The EPS Portal displays an up to the minute wildfire map, system status, system operations, and system health. By gathering data to the Cloud, the EPS Portal is a powerful platform that enables an owner to defend their property from wildfires.

  • 24/7 up-to-the-minute wildfire monitoring
  • Early warning wildfire detection and AUTO activation
  • Defend your property from anywhere in the world
  • Danger level and wildfire proximity at your fingertips
  • Programmable danger levels custom to your location
  • Real-time alerts sent by text, email, or phone call
EPS Portal - Fire Status Controls Screen