The Embers Protection System consists of a control center subpanel that is grid-powered along with an energy backup source for continuous power during outages. The EPS Control Center can also be installed 100% off-grid utilizing only solar panels and a solar storage battery. The function of EPS or a smart exterior fire suppression system is to minimize the opportunity for initial ignition from wildfire airborne embers. The EPS system will deploy water to the roof for structure defense and apply PHOS-CHEK fire retardant to the landscape or vegetation for perimeter defense based on smart decisions and nearby fire threats. EPS is programmed to activate Danger Levels 1 – 5 when the wildfire encroaches into a set radius around the control panel. As the fire gets closer, the EPS system will automatically progress through the different fire danger levels deploying water with more frequency according to the proximity to the wildfire. Alerts will be sent to the property owner keeping them updated about the status of their system or when a new Danger Level is reached. EPS is essential to any home or business in a high wildfire danger.

  • Standard: NEMA 3R Painted Steel Enclosure
  • Upgrade:  NEMA 4X #304 Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Proface 5.7” HMI / PLC Touchscreen Interface
  • Wireless Cellular Communication with Antenna
  • Variable Speed Drive with Pressure Sensor
  • Constant Pressure System
  • U.S. Patent #11247087 | U.L. Listed

EPS Control Center - Deadfront Inner Door with Touchscreen Human Machine Interface